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This is what someone did to me today

I am 23 years old

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I want to draw with you~

friend i wish i could still draw let alone draw with other people sigh

C E R S E I    L A N N I S T E R
↳  1.01 “Winter Is Coming”
"Jon Arryn is dead. A fever took him. […] The raven brought more news. The King rides for Winterfell…w i t h   the  Q u e e n  and all the rest of them.”

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<- person who said wants to be friends with you. I'm kinda afraid to come off-anon bc I've sent asks to you before with my blog and they're probably been somewhat of 'what where did that come from' in a neutral way so yea I regret them and currently just hide behind the sunglasses and grey face

aw well i’m really sorry if i’ve not replied to your asks before, or been a bit startled by them — i never delete asks unless it’s bullshit or hate or w/e, so if it’s that i’ve not replied, they will still be in my inbox, i just tend to say ‘i’ll do it later’ and then forget orz;;;

still, maybe one day you can abandon the sunglasses and grey face once more! ;w;

I want to be friends with you!

aw anon ;w;

come off anon then, friend, i almost always reply to asks no matter who they’re from!

I'm ace, and would rather not do the frick-frack with you, but I do want to cuddle the adorable hell out of you, so there's that

i would love to platonically cuddle the heck out of you too, lovely person <3


i’m hoping this is in a ‘i want to squish you in an adorably cuddly way’ and not in a ‘i want to squish you like a bug’ way

I want to do the frick frack with you.


i usually need a bit of wooing first, anon. so. try your best. B)