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if you tell me you don’t want third year nagirei you’re either wrong or lying

(it’s my birthday and this is my present to myself)

I have a question. How did you find your 'partners'? The ones you use for booty calls. I want to have some as well, but have no idea how to go about it. Are they friends or people from around campus? Thanks for your help. I love the questions that you answered so bravely, by the way. ^^

just being open and honest, yo, it’s a quality i consider very important! (: 

as for booty calls… haha. all three guys i’ve been with (not counting that other one blegh) have been from my school, so yeah, they’re kind of ‘on campus’ though i don’t have a campus per se :’D 

the only guy who i’ve been true booty calling is kind of an asshole with a bad rep, and literally anyone who finds out i was sleeping with him rolls their eyes in disgust at me, but fuck them, the sex was amazing. ok, so i never really spoke to him much before despite being in choir with him for a while (before he got kicked out and i quit lmao), and then just randomly at a house party he struck up conversation with me and was cheeky as shit about flirting with me and making it clear what he wanted. i was like ‘no way in hell’ bc i knew about his rep, but i eventually gave in (after like three hours), and we spent night 1 together. night 2 happened like a week later — long story short we ended up at someone else’s place, and i spent some time alone with him, and then i made the first move, which he didn’t turn down. after that some shit went down and i chewed him out hard about being a disrespectful little shit, and we had a bit of a ground rule conversation (which should have been more detailed but ah, retrospect). after that, things were easier, and we would just text or call whenever, once, twice a week. it would have probably been more if not for school complications and whatnot. 

that’s one story — the other guy i’ve booty called i basically had a one night stand with months ago, and he blatantly crushed on me most of the year and i’m a terrible person and took advantage of that this weekend and i got my just rewards because the sex was awful.

ANYWAY, i guess my advice for finding a booty call friend is go out and go to parties. you are much more likely to find someone of that inclination at a party or something than at the school library, but i guess you never know. it’s a really delicate subject to broach, but if you for instance know that someone is happy being single, or not looking for a relationship, chances are you’re in with a good chance of a one night stand w/o strings attached, which can easily become a booty call if you propose the situation. i’m not gonna lie, booty calls can get messy as shit if you don’t check yourself — you have to be sure you’re emotionally detached, and do everything right, like not spending time together, and leaving after the deed and so on so forth, else wise there is a high possibility you’ll get feelings, and shit will turn sour VERY fast. it has to be about the sex, and nothing but the sex. you have to make your intentions and your standards 10000% clear from the beginning, and don’t let ANYTHING be left unsure or unsaid, because it’s so easy to get hurt or something. and of course make sure that both of you are super safe during sex if either or both are sleeping with other people too.

that was probably a useless answer, since i just kind of gave my own experience, but i hope it gave you some insight at least? 


Morphine Sly hell yea hell yea hell yea.

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very brave on answering those questions! you're right, more people need to be in touch with their sexy. when you meet someone first time, what makes you think "want you in bed, now!", "you could be a friend" or "dooooouche!!!" :) any chance of posting that hair-censored pic :P

nice try, anon, but it ain’t gonna happen!

yes, i very much think the average person needs to get more in touch with their sexual side (covering my bases here bc there are obviously people in the world for whom sex is a no-go for various reasons), and sex itself just needs to be made less of a big deal. it’s somehow still like this massive rite of passage to adulthood and it has so much bearing on peoples lives when it shouldn’t do. even last night i was talking about this to some girlfriends, and one said that she lost her virginity at 14 simply because she needed the validation. because sex was such a big thing, and everyone else was doing it, and she needed to be able to say ‘yeah, me too’, and it’s such a shame that she had to have that attitude at such a young age and rush into something that could have been awesome and even meaningful. i think even if sex isn’t a person’s thing, due to like sexuality or anything, sex should be understood and appreciated, and people should be able to talk about it as if it were just another normal thing. sex shouldn’t be a taboo still, in this day and age, with so much stigma attached to both having it and not having it — like seriously, this activity is as old as humankind, how are we not talking about it more casually yet? i could rant about this topic a lot, and i will champion being open about sex and sexuality till i die ok

as for your question… 

  • want you in bed — someone who i feel physical chemistry with, and who is aesthetically attractive to me. generally, confidence with a dash of cockiness does it for me, even if the bravado is a little laughable.
  • we could be friends — someone who i can talk easily with. i’m not a very good conversationalist; i’m quiet, awkward and have a good dose of social anxiety, so talking to people is hard and i am not good at making friends. if someone can hold a conversation with me, and we maybe find we have stuff in common, i’m instantly on that friend boat.
  • doooooooouuche — people who you can tell are bullshitting. that gets my goat so fuckin’ bad. liars and hypocrites and phoneys i swear to god biggest pet peeves in the world. i hate people who can’t be honest with themselves because they sure as hell aren’t honest with anyone else. i don’t trust anyone who acts like that. not only is it like super wanky to be all full of ‘i’m amazing here’s my fake credentials’, it’s also begs the question of who even are you? like, who am i supposed to be talking to? gross. get away from me. i hate people thinking they’re all that and feeling the need to tell the entire goddamn world. /:
12. 29.

  • 12. Have you ever been fisted (anally or vaginally)?

no and never will, that is too far for me„„,

  • 29. How many sexual partners have you had?

i guess four, but the first i didn’t have PIV sex with and would prefer to forget about entirely so i’d rather it were just three lmao


this vine is better than all of paranormal activity

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mmyes how may i help u

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Chocolate Avocado Brookies

Chocolate brownie like cookies, made with avocado instead of butter :) 

They’re like what would happen if brownies and cookies made a baby! 

I made these for my lovely stephy (cpecod)

Click here for my recipe

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